I started my career in a small town, where two of the three barbers there were out of commission. Men were hard pressed to find a place that was knowledgeable in barbering. I just thought that was crazy and made it my mission to learn everything I could about the craft of barbering.


I don’t trust men who go to hair salons.


When someone sits in my chair, I see it as an opportunity to show my art and craftsmanship in making them feel good. I treat my customers hair as if it were my own. It is my goal that my passion shows in my work. 


Barbering allows me to use my creativity in doing what I love – making men look good.


Barbering is so much more than a job to me. It’s a livelihood. It’s confidence and dignity. It’s the sharp bite of aftershave on a clean neck. The way the sun shines through a cloud of talc. The sound of raucous laughter. The loosening of a tie, the deep exhale that exists only after 5pm. Barbering is turning a good day into a great day.


I love the sense of community the barbershop has, and the honest and straightforward nature of barbering.